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In this section we detail some of the frequent questions our customers have asked us.  If there is a question you have that is not covered please call us or email us your enquiry.

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Crossing Continents Logistics is a customs broker or a transport company?
Crossing Continents Logistics is an International Freight Forwarder and Logistics Service Provider who supervises, hires, and coordinates the logistics of a shipment from its place of origin to its final destination.  For this, they subcontract different services such as international sea, air and land transports, local transports; insurance and customs warranty, patent register and label approval.
I want to carry out Foreign Trade formalities: what do I need?

International Trade is a complex procedure. The most important steps are:

- Register yourself at the Dirección General de Aduanas (Argentine Customs Authorities)
- Establish the commercial treatment of the product dealt with.
- Establish the Tariff Duties treatment of the defined product.
- Establish the transport’s logistics.
- Contract the services from suitable experts.

Crossing Continents Logistics offers you their experience in coordinating all these formalities in a most professional way.

Can these formalities be carried out personally?
Yes, this has been taken into account in the current Legislation, but in 97% of the cases the formalities are made through suitable experts.
How do I register myself in the Dirección General de Aduanas (Argentine Customs Authorities)?
Customs requests a Performance Warranty of US$ 10,000 for individuals and companies with less than one year in the business.
Taking into consideration the fiscal behavior and the movements of the interested party, the AFIP can no longer demand this requisite in the future.
You may complete these formalities through internet free of charge and must be complemented with legalized documents. We recommend you to request the assistance of suitable professional experts.
This formality requires 20 working days.
How much time does a formality for a Foreign trade transaction take?
Each product has its own specific timing, but an average transaction takes approximately two weeks, plus shipping time.
With the continuity of transactions these time periods become shorter.
With which Customs do Crossing Continents Logistics offer its services?
Crossing Continents Logistics have a wide network of business partners in airports, seaports and in frontiers, so they can coordinate the customs clearance at any point in Argentina. For greater details, please contact them.
How can I get information on the status of my shipment?
Our clients can request at any time an exact report of the situation of their shipment.
What do I need to market my products?
We can summarize it in the following way:
- Do a research on the product’s foreign demand.
- Discover the economic potential for imports in the country you wish to export your products.
- Take into account the cooperative advantages and tax benefits given through multilateral agreements e.g. MERCOSUR, NAFTA, European Union and other bilateral agreements.
- Program foreign commerce policies in such a way that the action plans lead to obtain the fastest results.
- Make internal sales policies compatible with the real possibilities that the foreign markets offer.
It is key that you to request information from economic consultants and commercial bureaus as well as business associations, bilateral chambers of commerce, banking entities and logistic companies such as Crossing Continents Logistics S.R.L.
This transaction requires to be constantly informed on the conditions and treatments of the product in the country of destination.
For which countries can Crossing Continents Logistics provide estimates of their services?
Crossing Continents Logistics relies on more than one associated correspondent in every Country and in 5 Continents.

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